Leo's Casino

October 01, 2018

I’m not going to write a lot here today. I’m focused on getting this live. Maybe I’ll come back to it?

Leo’s casino was the last venue Otis Redding played at before dying aged just 26.

“The club could host 700 people and regularly booked the top jazz and R&B acts of its era. The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, John Coltrane, Ray Charles and The Temptations all performed at Leo’s Casino, as did comedians Richard Pryor and Flip Wilson. Otis Redding played his final concert there on December 9, 1967, dying in a plane crash in Wisconsin the following afternoon.”

Here’s his wikipedia page.

Here’s a song I wrote. I hope you like it!

Will Worth

Written by Will Worth, an English musician and writer who lives in Alicante.
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